Books by Juliana Stone

The Christmas He Loved Her

A Retro Review originally published on October 11, 2013 My tolerance for treacle tends to be low, so it probably surprises no one when I say that small-town contemporaries tend to be a mixed bag for me. Happily for me, The Christmas He Loved Her ended up being both a wonderful read and something b ...

King of the Damned

I have come to a point that I am pretty cynical about my paranormal romances and very picky. Only a select few move to that cherished shelf of favorites. So I rarely expect a new author to make that cut. But Juliana Stone’s League of the Guardians has secured itself a spot!         ...

His Darkest Hunger

I like a good romance of pretty much any genre, and as I started His Darkest Hunger, I thought I was in for a good paranormal, indeed. Just in the opening chapter, we have betrayal, a damsel in distress, and, apparently, quite the secret backstory waiting to be unraveled. Unfortunately, things sta ...