Books by Julie Cohen

Girl From Mars

So I was a female nerd during my twenties: watching every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, meeting for role playing evenings (and nights) sometimes several times a week, and spending one night per week playing darts with my mates, always in the same pub. As you can imagine, I could relate ver ...

MacAllister's Baby

Rike's review of His for the Taking a couple of months ago intrigued me, so when it came time to Kindle some books for a recent trip to California, I ordered that one and an earlier Julie Cohen release. While I recommend both, I am most excited about MacAllister's Baby, which, in contrast to another ...

His For the Taking

I ordered His for the Taking by Julie Cohen because after reading somewhere online that the original British title was Driving Him Crazy, I wanted to read the book that is supposed to fit both titles. To my surprise, it does. There are three chapters of "his for the taking" (in which the hero is too ...