Books by K.C. Dyer

An Accidental Odyssey

I’m a lifelong fan of mythology, and nowadays the greatest myths are being retold through web comics, romance and mainstream fiction. So when I realized K.C. Dyer had crafted a story where the characters are retracing Odysseus’ voyage through the Mediterranean, I was eager to read it. An Acci ...

EIghty Days to Elsewhere

Eighty Days to Elsewhere is a cute-unto-cutesy slice of women’s fiction with some unfortunate problems.  With lots of typical rom-commy asides and a sense of silliness that works for instead of against the book, it’s a generally pleasant ride, with a writing style that keeps it warmly engaging ...

Finding Fraser

Y’all, this book is odd. It’s both charming and cheesy, with a heroine who both made me want to cheer for her and want to throttle her. The titular Fraser in this is Jamie Fraser of Outlander fame and the story centers around Emma Sheridan’s journey to find her very own Jamie in modern-day Sco ...