Books by Kassandra Sims

Hellbent & Heartfirst

Hellbent & Heartfirst sounded interesting since it features a heroine who works with Katrina victims. While I still think such a plot could be interesting, it wasn't, as executed in this book. Worse yet, I didn't care about the hero or heroine, or even like them. Jacyn Boaz took a ...

Falling Upwards

For those of you that adored Alice in Wonderland, this book might work. I never particularly cared for it myself because it never made sense, even within it’s own framework. By that I mean, well, everything was ridiculous and had no explanation. Which is exactly how dreams work many times, but thi ...

The Midnight Work

On my own time I read a lot of Fantasy and I've recently gotten into vampire tales as well. Given this background, I've seen an awful lot of weirdness, but nothing I've come across can even begin to touch this book. While the author has a lot of creative ideas, they never really flow together ...