Books by Kate Pearce

Simply Scandalous

I remember the first time that I read Dune by Frank Herbert. It took me 150 pages to figure out who was who and what was going on. There were so many characters and intrigues and Hebert just dropped the reader right into the middle of the action to figure it out for ourselves. I sort of felt this wa ...

Soul Sucker

When I read paranormals these days, I'm looking for good worldbuilding. I've read too many books where the paranormal side of things feels completely unbelievable or where everything reads like a typical contemporary save only for the occasional mention of the hero's fangs (and it is usually the he ...

Kiss of the Rose

Kiss of the Rose is the latest swell in the vampire tsunami, and like many authors Kate Pearce has tried something different. The good news is that the premise truly is original since I can’t think of another vampire series that throws in Druids, the Cult of Mithras, and Henry VIII, can you? The ...