Books by Kennedy Ryan

Block Shot

Narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Seraphina Valentine Kennedy Ryan was a new-to-me author when I picked up Long Shot, the first book in the Hoops series.  I loved it.  It devastated, surprised and delighted me in equal measure, and it was one of my favorite books in 2018.  I didn’t think the fo ...

Long Shot

There are sports romances and then… there’s Long Shot.  Unflinching, challenging and powerful, Long Shot transports readers from the highest highs to the lowest, most harrowing lows.  I had vague ideas this book was more than it purported to be (a basketball romance) and it absolutely was.  Y ...

Until I'm Yours

Until I’m Yours by Kennedy Ryan was my top read in 2016, a difficult feat to achieve when you consider that I read over 400 books that year. But a review for it has never been posted at All About Romance, so I’ve taken the liberty of doing so now. It’s the fourth book in The Bennett series whi ...