Books by Kit Rocha

Dance With the Devil

If there’s one thing readers can learn from Kit Rocha’s dystopian world, it’s that we’ve got roughly sixty years to get a grip on society before it all goes FUBAR. Because in the post-apocalyptic world that went dark after the Flares (the solar storms that damaged global power grids), darkne ...

Deal With the Devil

Post-apocalyptic adventures? With librarians? Sign me up. Ever since I heard about the new Mercenary Librarians series, I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. And with 2020 being, well, 2020, post-apocalyptic fiction felt very on point for me right now. While not perfect, Deal With the Devil is a st ...

Beyond Surrender

Beyond Surrender is the ninth and final novel in the erotic dystopian Beyond series. It's the end of a long story arc that began in Beyond Shame, and shouldn't be read as a standalone as it starts without much preamble and dives headlong into the current tense situation from the very first page. Whe ...