Books by Laura Caldwell

The Rome Affair

Sometimes the slide into darkness is so gradual that we do not realize what we have gotten into until we are in too deep to extricate ourselves. That is what happens in Laura Caldwell's latest book in which she explores various tests to the bonds of marriage and friendship. What seems like a damaged ...

A Clean Slate

DonĀ¹t let the Red Dress Ink label fool you. A Clean Slate isn't a hip Chick Lit novel filled with sardonic humor and ditzy characters. Instead it's a fascinating, compelling, thought-provoking book about one woman's efforts to find five missing months of her life, and what she learns about hersel ...

Burning the Map

Reading Burning the Map is much like watching a slideshow of someone else's vacation. You get a chance to see the same things they did in vivid color, but you also have to listen to their boring stories of events that were probably interesting to experience, yet are pretty dull to hear about. Ca ...