Books by Laura Kaye

Ride Rough

I have mixed feelings about Ride Rough, the second story in Laura Kaye’s motorcycle club series Raven Riders.  I’ve read and enjoyed books by this author before, but this one didn’t quite ‘click’ with me – which I’m hoping is just a one off.  Ride Rough is a sexy second-chance romanc ...

Hard As You Can

It’s so refreshing to read a romantic suspense novel in which the suspense and romance are balanced well without either seemingly tacked on as an afterthought. Though at times a bit far-fetched, Hard As You Can delivers plenty of action coupled with actual relationship development. When we meet ...

Hard as It Gets

The first of the Hard Ink series finds the adult daughter of a Special Forces colonel who led his men into an ambush pairing up with the men who survived the set-up in order to find her abducted brother in this repetitious thriller. Baltimore nurse Becca Merritt is alarmed when her brother Charli ...