Books by Laura Navarre

Magick by Moonrise

What do you get when you mix the magic and mystery of the Fey version of Camelot with Queen Mary of England and the Spanish Inquisition? Well, I had hoped a great story, but I felt that the contradictions of the enchantment of Camelot and the word at the cusp of Enlightenment became just too deep a ...

By Royal Command

If you love Medievals, definitely check out By Royal Command. Set in Anglo-Saxon England, a very colorful and under-utilized time period, this novel caught my interest from the dark and moody beginning and held it to the very end. It wasn't perfect, but it was quite good. As the novel opens, we i ...

The Devil's Mistress

Writing a historical romance set in the Tudor court is a task fraught with peril. Readers who are attracted to the setting will likely know the basics of the story, if not the details, and readers who know a historical era well can be notoriously unforgiving when authors tinker with the details too ...