Books by Laura Renken

Wicked Lies

Wicked Lies is a book I'd characterize as flawed, but intriguing. It manages by turns to be both convoluted and thoughtful, and the characters are fairly likable - when their actions and motivations can be believed. While I'd probably consider it too flawed to warrant a recommendation, at least I wa ...

Heart of the Condor

Sometimes you can jump in at the end of a series of connected books and just enjoy the one in your hands on its own merits. Unhappily, such was not the case here. Heart of the Condor is very much tied to its predecessors, it assumes that the reader is already familiar with so much background informa ...

Night Shadow

I thought pirate romances went out some time ago, along with the clich├ęs associated with them: forced marriages, family feuds, women who stamp their feet but are always out-maneuvered. Minus the raping hero, Night Shadow is a throwback to a time when headstrong heroines clashing with outlawed swash ...