Books by Laura Resnick

Unsympathetic Magic

Laura Resnick’s Esther Diamond series are the only paranormals on my autobuy list. This is due to the dry tone of the novels and to Esther herself: She is a struggling actress in New York with an open mind and a no-nonsense personality, no magical talent whatsoever, but an attraction to the mystic ...


Doppelgangster has been a long time coming. Luna published the first book in the series, Disappearing Nightly, which I enjoyed. Shortly thereafter, Luna completely shook up their fantasy line and the series was left without a publisher. Finally, after a three-year wait, DAW picked up the series and ...

Disappearing Nightly

It's not often I'm willing to shell out more than ten bucks for a book I've heard nothing about, but the cover copy of Laura Resnick's Disappearing Nightly sounded so good I went ahead and ordered it. Luckily, it didn't disappoint and I got my money's worth. Actress Esther Diamond ...