Books by Lauren Dane

Taking Chase

Cassie Gambol is in hiding. Like, witness protection level hiding. Her abusive ex-husband is on the hunt for her, so she’s escaped their life and reinvented herself from Carly Sutherland of Los Angeles to Cassie Gambol of Petal, Georgia. As much as she’s trying to fly under the radar, however, s ...

Falling Under

Falling Under is the second story in the Ink and Chrome series by Lauren Dane. The first in the series, Opening Up, was one of my favorite reads of 2015 and I’m happy to say that this one is also an entertaining and enjoyable read. Duke has been lusting after Carmella since they became neighbou ...


As I heard many complimentary things said about Lauren Dane's book Undercover, I was quite excited to read Relentless. I was shocked to find that not only is the writing quite shabby, but the characters are undeveloped, and the love scenes are flat-out boring. Why must erotica so often preclude roma ...