Books by Lauren Ho

Last Tang Standing

My first reaction upon finishing this book was that I was angry it was Ms. Ho’s debut because I needed to read more by her. The tagline of Bridget Jones meets Crazy Rich Asians is… fine? But it doesn’t go near capturing what made me absolutely adore this story. I’d throw in vibes of The H ...

Last Tang Standing

I’m guessing Last Tang Standing will divide readers, and I’ve spent several days waffling over my grade.  It’s entertaining, but Ho keeps us waiting for the pursuit of happiness . . . and opening oneself up to love until the last five pages of the story!  Since LTS is categorized as a romanc ...

Accidental Hero

Accidental Hero is a book I was greatly looking forward to. It's a sequel to Accidental Heiress, a first novel by the author that I really enjoyed. That novel was intriguing, interesting, warmly written and featured a compelling hero and heroine. The reason why I was so looking forward to this seque ...