Books by Leigh Bardugo

Hell Bent

Have you read Ninth House? Because if not--and you're a loon if you haven't--this review is a waste of your time. Hell Bent is the second book in Leigh Bardugo's Alex Stern series and will likely to confuse those who haven't read the first. But for those of you who have... here goes. Our story be ...

Ninth House

The 1800 freshman matriculated at Yale University are likely a storied bunch. Over 35,000 applied to the famed Ivie--those accepted were likely the rock stars of their high schools with sky-high SATs and absurdly impressive resumes. None of them however have the talent that garners Galaxy "Alex" Ste ...

Siege and Storm

The second book in the Grisha Triology will not disappoint fans of the first book, Shadow and Bone. We find Alina Starkov, Mal Oretsev, and The Darkling where they left off at the end of the first book, and the stakes for Ravka are even higher than before. Siege and Storm introduces readers to a ...