Books by Lily Morton


Friends, I’m torn.  If you follow my reviews, you already know Lily Morton’s Deal Maker is one of my favorite contemporary romances.  It’s chock full of my favorite things:  well-realized principal characters, funny and clever dialogue, vivid (amazing) settings, low-angst, hot sex, entertai ...

Risk Taker

In Risk Taker, the third entry in Lily Morton’s wholly entertaining and charming Mixed Messages series, we finally get Henry’s story.  He’s the charismatic and witty best friend of Gabe (Rule Breaker) who’s made memorable, scene stealing appearances in each of the previous instalments; fans ...

Deal Maker

You know that marvelous feeling you get when you connect with a novel on every level; the characters, the setting, the dialogue..? Well, that’s how I feel about Deal Maker.  I enjoyed Ms. Morton’s previous books, but OMG, I loved this one.  Deal Maker is a charming, funny, romantic and just pl ...