Books by Linda Turner

A Younger Man

A Younger Man is full of grins and Tom Swifties. I can see you all now scratching your heads and saying "what"?!? Let me explain. In the old Tom Swift books by Victor Appleton, Tom never just said anything. He always said it jokingly, quickly, angrily, heartily, loudly - you get the point - t ...

The Enemy's Daughter

Well, well, well - so Simon the terrorist in The Year of Loving Dangerously mini-series didn't just spring up as a full blown baddie out of nowhere. About 30 odd years ago, Simon was known as Art Meldrum. He lived in Australia, married and had a daughter, Lise Meldrum. Art/Simon's wife died when Lis ...

Who's the Boss?

Becca Prescott has a problem. She's about to lose the home she inherited from her grandmother because the deceased woman didn't pay the taxes before her death. Since leaving Dallas following her husband's death to cancer, Becca has been determined to make a life for herself and her daughter in Hidal ...