Books by Lindsay Townsend

To Touch the Knight

Medieval stories have long been a favorite of mine, yet they seem to have fallen out of favor with publishers. And the few recently published ones I have read I considered lackluster at best. To my most pleasant surprise, Lindsay Townsend’s latest did not fall into this category.  When Edith ...

A Knight’s Enchantment

As books go, A Knight’s Enchantment is fairly typical option in the medieval genre. The plot is based on a Semi-Big Misunderstanding, the very average characters never truly caught my attention, and I left the book feeling slightly relieved that I was finally done reading it. Joanna ...

A Knight's Vow

For the most part, A Knight's Vow is an inoffensive Medieval. I know that may seem an odd thing to say, but that is what I was thinking during most of the book: "Well, it's a bit dull, but at least I'm not offended." Too many near misses between the hero and heroine, though, moved the book from be ...