Books by Lisa Berne

The Redemption of Philip Thane

The Redemption of Philip Thane is Groundhog Day meets historical romance, and brings a supernatural element to the established Penhallow series. Philip Thane is your average rake. He’s an unrepentant gambler, drinker, and wencher, with no money to call his own. In the past, Philip has called up ...

The Laird Takes a Bride

Lisa Berne’s Penhallow Dynasty series continues with The Laird Takes a Bride, a rather hard to love little volume about a spinster and a disreputable laird with a long past behind him. Fiona Douglass is, at twenty-seven, still a spinster.  The only one of the four Douglass girls to remain unwe ...

You May Kiss the Bride

In this début novel from new author Lisa Berne, Gabriel Penhallow has to get married. He does not have to enjoy it, but it has to happen and all is set for his marriage to a biddable society bride. The problem is that he accidentally kisses Livia Stuart, who is as far from biddable as one can hope ...