Books by Liz Maverick

Crimson City

Last year’s 2176 series was an interesting concept: a different author writes each book in the futuristic series, set in the same world and having continuing characters. Liz Maverick, author of The Shadow Runners, the third entry in the 2176 series, kicks off LoveSpell’s similarly styled Crims ...

The Shadow Runners

The Shadow Runners, the third book in the 2176 series, has much to recommend about it. The heroine is a tough, gritty, and emotionally conflicted fighter struggling to survive on some of the future's meanest streets. She may be my favorite heroine yet in this series. The book adds new information to ...

What a Girl Wants

What a Girl Wants is the latest addition to an army of Chick Lit novels that in recent years have forged a unique place for themselves in the female fiction market, addressing problems to do with career, relationships and life from a female perspective. Maverick's debut novel fits the mold and hits ...