Books by Lucy Gilmore

I Hate You More

I adore Lucy Gilmore – y’all know this much about me at this point.  I Hate You More is another adorable dog-centered romance from her, and while it’s not my absolute favorite among her many books, it’s still worth a recommendation and a read. Ruby Taylor is a former beauty pageant queen ...

Ruff and Tumble

Lucy Gilmore’s dog-centered romances are such a weak spot for me - mostly because she knows her stuff when it comes to running rescues and manages to make her human characters flawed but likeable.  Ruff and Tumble is no change from that winning formula, and involves a fictionalized version of The ...

Puppy Christmas

Sunny, warm, touching and sweet – you can pick any of these three words to describe Puppy Christmas, the second book in Lucy Gilmore’s series about a sisterhood of service dog trainers.  A good story that combines a light heart with reasonable emotional heft, it’s a darned good romance novel. ...