Books by Lynn Collum

Lady Miranda's Masquerade

When it comes to Regency Romance, we have the excellent, the inoffensive, and the terminally silly. Try as it may, Lady Miranda’s Masquerade comes off as inoffensively silly. It is not just the silly hero and the heroine. It is not just the weak plot. It is not just that the book reads like it was ...

The Valentine Charm

Regency Romances, as opposed to historical romances in general, are governed by strict conventions. They are short, sweet, must take place during a certain historical period, and almost always feature members of the upper or upper-middle class and their attempts to make suitable marriages. Some auth ...

The Christmas Charm

Lynn Collum's The Christmas Charm is the first in a trilogy about the three children of Mr. Addington, a younger son of a baron who left England to make his way in business on the continent. Mrs. Addington was an Italian, and the family is close and happy, although not wealthy. This book is the st ...