Books by M.C. Beaton

Plain Jane

M.C. Beaton wrote a lot of Traditional Regencies under the Chesney pseudonym, and this series is unusual in that the recurring characters are the servants who live and work in the epomymous house, and because we get to spend time with them as well as with the above-stairs characters, who change f ...

The Miser of Mayfair

I brought up Marion Chesney on a recent blog post about some of authors of the classic ‘traditional regency’ romances, and I was surprised that we only had reviews of two of her books in our database (one under Chesney, and one under M.C. Beaton, which is the name her estate seems to be using to ...

The Skeleton in the Closet

"Whatever happened to Marion Chesney?" My sister Anne, who is The Pickiest Reader In The World, but loves Marion Chesney asked me that question a while back. Also, a few weeks ago, several AAR reviewers mentioned Marion Chesney and how much they enjoyed her wonderful light traditional Regency Romanc ...