Books by Mary Sullivan

No Ordinary Home

I’ll give the author credit for taking risks. The lead heroine – because yes, there’s a strong secondary romance – has been homeless and on the run for the last six years. This isn’t a glossed over homelessness, she genuinely suffers the afflictions one would expect from living that type o ...

Always Emily

I’ve always loved a nerdy protagonist. As a woman with random nerdy interests, I can appreciate a protagonist who is on the same page. Luckily, Emily Jordan is an archaeologist, reader, history buff musician who just so happens to be beautiful, passionate, and kind. That’s setting up the story f ...

In From the Cold

I’m more of a warm weather than a cold weather person and if given a choice between a book set during a snowstorm or on a sunny beach I’ll pick the beach every time. Despite that, I found many things to like about this romance set during a difficult Colorado mountain winter. While this first in ...