Books by Melissa James

The Sheikh's Destiny

A North Africa-set sheikh romance with a heroine who is also Arab? Sign me up! Alim El-Kanar, sheikh of Abbas Al-Din, has spent the years since his older brother’s tragic death driving medical supplies through a war-torn region of the Sahel desert in northern Africa. Hana al-Sud, from Alim’s ...

Dangerous Illusion

Dangerous Illusions has just about everything a good romantic suspense novel should: complex characters, plenty of passion, a lot of emotion, taut action sequences, manipulation, betrayals, sustained tension and a strong heroine. Unfortunately, the execution often gets in the way of the story. It's ...

Her Galahad

In some ways, Her Galahad is like no book I've read before. I've only read a handful of books set in Australia, and none of them featured a hero of aboriginal descent as this one does. That's why the book caught my eye in the first place. On the other hand, it features time-worn devices I've seen ag ...