Books by Melissa Mayhue

A Highlander of Her Own

I really learned something from this book. If I ever acquire a strange fae-mark in the shape of a rose, signifying that any wish I vocalize will come true, and I then have an urge to wish for "a Highlander of my own," I am going to be more specific. Rather than vaguely wishing for any old Highlander ...

Highland Guardian

It’s no secret that fantasy and paranormal romances are gutting the market these days. It’s also no secret to most romance readers that ho-hum, been-there-done-that, screamingly average fantasy and paranormal romances make up the vast majority of those books. Submitted for approval is this pri ...

Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband

It’s my masochistic love for the time travel sub-genre that keeps me reading even when stupid 20th century women use disco songs as war cries during some medieval battle. Even though the title of Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband had me cringing, some unknown force was drawn to the words "time ...