Books by Michaela August

House of Memory

Isn’t it amazing what tiny details one remembers from one’s school days? Whereas whole years of chemistry and physics seem to have left my brain remarkably untouched, I couldn’t help thinking of a short quote from Oscar Wilde while I was reading Michaela August’s House of Memory. Reading it ...

Glass Souls

Call me food-obsessed, but reading irrevocably brings out the gourmand in me. Not only do I tend to nibble away on something chocolate-related when I read, but some books also seem to provoke metaphors straight out of the kitchen from me. Michaela August’s Glass Souls is such a book. It is a hotpo ...

Sweeter Than Wine

"Oh, no," I thought, when I got a copy of the uncorrected proofs for Sweeter than Wine. "Here's a book that wasn't good enough to be accepted by one of the mainstream publishers, and I have to slog through it." I have rarely been more delighted to revise my initial impression. This is a marvelous st ...