Books by Michele Bardsley

Because Your Vampire Said So

I have mentioned in a past review that I prefer the lighter side of vampires, so Michele Bardsley's series about soccer mom vampires should be right up my alley. I had not read any of the previous books in the Broken Heart series, and, after reading Because Your Vampire Said So, I'm glad to have mi ...

Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire

What is it with ditz moms? The heroine of Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire, as well as the heroine of Maureen Child's latest book, More Than Fiends, are both single moms who behave more like their daughters' BFF than parents. While reading this book, there were times I wished June Cleaver would sho ...

Nefertari 9.0

Michele Bardsley's Erotic Tales from The Lust Bastion: Nefertari 9.0, a short story of about 21,000 words, cheered me up this rainy afternoon. Nefertari 9.0 is a bawdy, fluffy, fun novella about love and lust's caprices, and how every geeky Jack will find his geeky Jill. You don't stumble ove ...