Books by Molly Greeley


Marvelous is a tender, aching novel based somewhat loosely on the real life story of a man who was adopted into the French court at the age of ten for the entertainment of the king and queen. Molly Greeling fictionalizes the life story of Petrus “Pedro” Gonsalvus, who was taken from his home ...

The Clergyman's Wife

So far I’ve read novels from the perspectives of Georgiana Darcy and Caroline Bingley, and when I saw there was one about Charlotte Lucas, I had to check it out. I always thought of Charlotte as someone who evaluated her situation in life and then did the most reasonable thing she could do to secu ...

The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh

Molly Greeley’s The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh, inspired by the tertiary character in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, is a pleasant enough - but not remotely revelatory - piece of historical fiction. Anne de Bourgh, daughter of the infamous Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and cou ...