Books by Molly McAdams

Sharing You

Infidelity is not an issue to be discussed lightly. I doubt that it is any more comfortable to write a book about cheating spouses than it is to read one, and I will say that this particular story did make me a bit uneasy, for a multitude of reasons. Kamryn Cunningham is a character m ...

Forgiving Lies

Molly McAdams' book Forgiving Lies was my first foray into the New Adult genre. I hope it will not be my last because this book, while not entirely awful, did not make me want to venture any further into the New Adult world. Rachel Masters was in high school in California when her p ...

Taking Chances

By page 5, I had assigned Taking Chances a D grade because of an abundance of truly spectacular run-on sentences. I’d hoped that I’d be able to overlook this disregard of basic English grammar, which occurred at least three or four times per page, and get lost in the story or become captivated b ...