Books by Myretta Robens

Just Say Yes

As I read Ms. Robens' sophomore effort, a scene from a movie kept playing in my head. The movie is Mask, and the scene is the one in which Rocky (the boy with the misshapen head, played by Eric Stolz) is musing on his life. He makes two lists: “these things are good” and “these things are a dr ...

Once Upon a Sofa

I'm of two minds about Once Upon a Sofa's cover. On the one hand, it's really fun. It's the first cartoon cover I've seen on a Regency, and I like cartoon covers. It signals an interesting new direction in the formerly stale world of Regency cover art, and it's a change I welcome. On the other hand, ...

Once Upon a Sofa

Once Upon A Sofa is a light Regency Romance like so many that clutter the shelves nowadays. I like a light Regency well enough, but I didn't like this one. The storyline moved in fits and starts and the characters were either silly or bland. It was not a fun read. Isabel, Lady ...