Books by Naima Simone

Grading Curves

Professor Nikki Barber is starting over with a new job after drawing a firm boundary with her mother, and a tattoo feels like the right way to mark this new chapter in her life. Dean Shaw, six years her junior, offers to stay late at the tattoo parlor to work on her. But the tattooing process takes ...

Passion & Ink

If you do a social media survey of which current romance authors write the hottest sex scenes, there's a more than reasonable likelihood that Naima Simone will be on that list. Her tales run the gamut from suspenseful, to emotional, to fun and flirty but never fail to entertain. With her entries in ...

Scoring the Player's Baby

The first romance I read by Naima Simone was Beauty and the Bachelor, the start of her Bachelor Auction series in August of 2015. I loved it, and I immediately put the author on my 'watch' list, to make sure I wouldn't miss any of her future releases. Since then she's written a bodyguard romantic su ...