Books by Nancy Gideon

Captured by Moonlight

The characters in Captured by Moonlight are all intriguing, but I couldn’t help but feel that leads Cee Cee and Max are a bit too reminiscent of a broken record. Even so, I saw enough that I liked to put the previous books in the series on my TBR pile. In this third book, NOPD De ...

Chased by Moonlight

I've certainly come across the Investigator in Love with Lead Suspect plotline before, but Chased by Moonlight puts an interesting spin on it. The characters are strong, the story dark and twisty, and the overall result largely works. This is a very unique series, which is no easy thing to do in t ...

Midnight Enchantment

I haven't read a really good vampire romance in a long time, so it was with great anticipation that I began to read Midnight Enchantment. It was an intriguing tale, to say the least, but one with a heroine too flawed to allow me to truly enjoy this book. In turn of the century New ...