Books by Nicole Helm

The Trouble with Cowboy Weddings

I’m just gonna say it right off the bat – your enjoyment of The Trouble with Cowboy Weddings will depend on how easily you can swallow a few of its’ more tortured marriage of convenience trope twists and its message of forgiveness-will-set-you-free. Gavin Tyler is a rancher whose brother ru ...

Wyoming Cowboy Justice

Grady and Laurel are the Romeo and Juliet of Bent, Wyoming. With each of their respective families caught in a generations-long feud, the two must put aside embedded prejudices to solve a crime. Told in alternating PoVs, Wyoming Cowboy Justice is a tale of two people who have to figure out who they ...

Mess With Me

In Mess With Me, Sam Goodall is about one friendship away from being a complete recluse. He’s a skilled mountaineer and part of Mile High Adventures, the company run by the two brothers who are his only friends, but otherwise, Sam lives entirely off the grid in an isolated cabin. The Evans brother ...