Books by Noelle Adams

Single Dad

If you're a fan of sexy small town contemporary romances that cover the range of tried and true tropes (marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, best friend's sibling etc.) with likable characters and low angst plots, then Noelle Adams should be on your reading list. Though she has written a few ...

Late Fall

Late Fall is a departure from Noelle Adams’ contemporary romance stories, in that it goes somewhere most romance novels shy away from – to the reality of what it’s like to be a senior citizen and fall in love. Ellie is in her early seventies and has just moved into an assisted living senior ...

A Princess Next Door

This is the first of a series featuring the Rothman royal family, rulers of a small Alpine country bordering Switzerland and France. Amalie is studying art in Minneapolis to the chagrin of her mother who wanted her daughter to follow the royal tradition of arranged marriages and had picked out a ...