Books by Opal Carew

A Fare to Remember

I’ve enjoyed previous books by this author, and the concept of this one definitely intrigued me – a female cab driver who meets a sexy billionaire? Yes please! As it turns out, I’ve got mixed feelings about the execution. Yes, some of the sex scenes are super hot, including ones where Reid’s ...


While Bliss started with a glimmer of promise, it quickly plummeted into gross, illogical erotica that was truly porn without plot. Kara Spencer is a sex columnist whose boss forces her to attend a sex conference. She is supposed to interview a Tantric master to get some tips for her readers. Kara i ...


It seems to me that mainstream society has become curious about the swinging “lifestyle" and, after watching some crime shows based around murders occurring at a swinger’s party, and hearing interviews with Peter Sagal about his Book of Vice, I too became a bit intrigued as to why a couple would ...