Books by Pamela Palmer

Rapture Untamed

Rapture Untamed was absolutely a solid read, but lacked the true sizzle of chemistry to leave a lasting impression in my mind. The beginning definitely caught my attention, but as the story wore on, the characters became stereotypical in their roles. Two immortal races, The Mage and ...

Obsession Untamed

While shapeshifters have appeared over and over (and over) in paranormal romance, Pamela Palmer brings an appealing take to the concept in her Feral Warriors series. Obsession Untamed is not one of those books that features huge innovations, but the author does put a few new spins on shapeshifting, ...

The Dark Gate

Pamela Palmer's debut romance The Dark Gate is the best of Silhouette's new Nocturne line that I've read so far. It benefits from having an intriguing plot that avoids most of the usual paranormal tropes (no vampires here!) as well as a genuinely unsettling villain who actually gave me the creeps. ...