Books by Patricia Waddell

True Blood

As I read True Blood, I kept flipping to the front cover to check the writer’s name. Doesn’t Patricia Waddell usually write historical romances? Her offering of SF romance is terrific! The Llyndar, a Korcian freighter ship, is traveling through an area controlled by the League of Planets wh ...

A Gentleman's Bargain

When I picked up Gentleman's Bargain I had just finished reading a contemporary, a paranormal, and a mainstream fiction novel. All I wished for was a simple old-fashioned historical romance. Well, after struggling with this 300+ page story for over three weeks I've learned to be very careful with my ...

The Alliance

Do you enjoy a spirited romance set on another world but cringe when an excess of technobabble interferes with the romance? Then you may want to check out Lionhearted's new e-book The Alliance. Reuel (pronounced Rule, and believe me he is aptly named) Shatar, Governor of the planet Pyrali, has a ...