Books by Paula Reed

Nobody's Saint

A historical author who can really set a scene is a treasure indeed. In Paula Reed's latest book, it is the little details that count - everything from how characters move through a place, what they see, and how they interpret their world takes the reader back to the seventeenth century. Reed ...

For Her Love

No one can accuse Paula Reed of being timid; in her second book, she deals with slavery, sexual abuse, the brutal life on a sugar plantation, and the stigma of mixed race, all set in the Caribbean and Jamaica. But while parts of For Her Love come off like a swashbuckling pirate tale, other parts are ...

Into His Arms

Into His Arms is Paula Reed's debut novel. With an exotic setting, an unusual source of conflict, and a really adorable hero, she's off to a good start. Faith Cooper is not your typical heroine: she's a Puritan. Even though her heart is not involved, she has just about decided to accept her late ...