Books by Roan Parrish


I tend to either wildly love Roan Parrish’s books or dislike them intensely, and Rend, my friends, falls squarely in the ‘wildly love’ category.  Although much of its subject matter is somber and heavy, the author deftly balances the darkness with a passionate romance that’s heartbreakingly ...


The first in a new series, Riven follows the love story of rock stars. Well, of one current and one former rock star. Theo Decker, lead singer with the band Riven, is at the top of his career, with no end in sight. For him, though, it’s a never-ending spiral of everything but the music, the only p ...

Where We Left Off

I fell in love with the Middle of Somewhere series from the start - but if I’m honest, by the end of book one, In the Middle of Somewhere, I just wanted to know more about secondary characters Leo and Will.  Ms. Parrish instead opted to redeem a much hated character in Out of Nowhere (book two), ...