Books by Rosanne Bittner

Logan's Lady

Are you ready for some old-skool romance?   Even if it’s a dud populated with characters who are either sociopathic or couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag?  Well, Rosanne Bittner’s back, and compared to her more recent offerings, Logan’s Lady is a pretty big disappointment. In L ...

The Last Outlaw

Beloved writer of western romances Rosanne Bittner returns to her famous Outlaw Hearts series with a gripping and heartbreaking but imperfect continuation of Jake and Miranda’s story. Jake Harkner was once an infamous outlaw  - one of the best in the west, as a matter of fact - until the widow ...

Paradise Valley

I tend to be a fan of tough heroines. As the eldest of three sisters, I try to have a low tolerance for complaining. I guess it’s no surprise that I enjoy reading about other women who just deal with what life throws at them without whining. But honestly, Paradise Valley took that classic characte ...