Books by Ruth Cardello

He Said Never

He Said Never is another wing added onto the ever-expanding Corisi Billionaire extended universe, the bread and butter of Ruth Cardello’s rapidly expanding empire of contemporary romances. I loved the first three books in this series, and while I can’t say this instalment of The Lost Corisis hit ...

The Secret One

You should know from the start of this review that this is my first Corisi Billionaires book. The fact that I didn’t enjoy it is heavily wrapped up in being new to the series, because the book spends an enormous amount of page count on people I didn’t know and overarching plots I wasn’t invest ...

The Broken One

Ruth Cardello impresses with the first story in her Corisi Billionaires series, The Broken One, in which a single mom meets a lonely widower dealing poorly with a very personal tragedy. Cautious, organization-happy Heather Ellis is not having a great day.  Her four year old adopted daughter Ava ...