Books by Sandra Chastain

The Runaway Bride

Ever have one of those reading experiences that left you feeling frustrated? All the ingredients for a great story were there, but for some reason the book just didn't hit the mark for you? That's what I went through reading The Runaway Bride, by Sandra Chastain. It's an adequate book, but I ...

The Last Dance

As last dances go, this one was rather uninspiring. The last of the Mac’s Angel series and also one of the last Loveswept titles, it is too bad this last dance couldn’t have been just a little more sizzling. Lincoln "Mac" McAllister and Sterling Lindsey have known each other ...

Shotgun Groom

If you're looking for a good mail-order bride romance, I can recommend several. Shotgun Groom would not be one of them. Somehow the author takes a surefire premise and shoots a blank. Lily Towns has wanted to marry Matt Logan since she was a child in Tennessee. After Matt came home from the Civil ...