Books by Sarah Hegger

Positively Pippa

Looking at the cover, you may assume that Positively Pippa is a contemporary romp that involves some wild sex. That assumption wouldn’t be wrong. After a debilitating humiliation on her national television show, Pippa Turner returns home to Ghost Falls, Utah to lick her wounds and see her beloved ...

Roger's Bride

I am not usually one for medieval romances, so I was shocked when I liked Roger’s Bride as much as I did. Kathryn of Mandeville is the daughter of an abusive tyrant and has vowed never to marry so she will not be controlled by a man ever again. She knows that her family needs an alliance with Angl ...

Sweet Bea

I've said numerous times that I don't have too many dealbreakers as a reader because a good author can make me like just about anything. And Sweet Bea is a book that proves that true. Somehow Sarah Hegger takes a lying jerk hero, a curl-tossing and feisty heroine, and a handful of ridiculous romance ...