Books by Sharla Lovelace

Once a Charmer

Sharla Lovelace’s series about the small town of Charmed, Texas continues along prettily with Once A Charmer, a fine story about lifelong friends who become much more. Allie Greene and Sebastian “Bash” Anderson have been best friends since they were very young and – aside from a drunken k ...

The Reason Is You

Even before The Sixth Sense and the famous line “I see dead people”, I loved ghost stories. Long ago I discovered Elizabeth Peters' gothic books written under the pseudonym of Barbara Michaels. Since that time I search out similar ghost stories, stories that are not too scary but not too cutesy ...

Before and Ever Since

The synopsis of this book seemed so full of potential, and my favorite books tend to be character driven. However, I was disappointed in the execution of several plot devices, especially the mystical aspect of the book.         Having her ex-husband Kevin, who doesn’t make unexpec ...