Books by Shelly Thacker

Forever His

Celine Fontaine, a panic-attack-prone American heiress, is whisked away from her family's ancestral French chateau and back in time by a lunar eclipse on New Year's Eve, 1993. Winding up in the Artois Region of France in the year 1300, she immediately encounters Sir Gaston de Varennes. To be more sp ...

Into the Sunset

How refreshing to have a heroine who is a "fallen woman!" Combine that with a hero who trembles for her, throw in a few major obstacles for them to overcome, and the result is a emotionally satisfying and enjoyable romance. Antoinette Sutton is pregnant, in serious trouble, and on the run. She h ...


Are you looking for a historical romance novel with an unusual and original plot? Shelly Thacker's Timeless is the book for you. This is a most enjoyable and intriguing tale about 22 year old Avril de Varennes and her 300-year-old Viking warrior, Hauk Valbrand. That's right, three hundred years old! ...