Books by Sheri Whitefeather

Never Look Back

Paranormal fans hungry for something other than the usual vampires and werewolves on the market will find it in Sheri WhiteFeather's Never Look Back. An intriguing blend of Native American mysticism, witchcraft and spirits both good and evil, it's not quite strong enough that I can recommend, but it ...

Betrayed Birthright

Betrayed Birthright is the latest in Silhouette Desire's Dynasties: The Ashtons miniseries. It goes nowhere, and does nothing except introduce a character who will appear in the next book. I started this series hoping for a nice, juicy soap opera, but I've pretty much given up hope, and was bor ...

Always Look Twice

Always Looks Twice offers a different spin on a familiar premise: the psychic heroine investigating a serial killer. In this case, most of the characters are Native American, and the story goes way past the standard serial killer plotline, venturing deep into paranormal terrain with black magic, sh ...