Books by Shirley Hailstock

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract is hot chocolate on a winter's night. Smooth and comforting, this is a story warmed with family love and loyalty, sweetened with healing that comes when old secrets are revealed and truth is accepted. However, as the tale unfolds, detail-conscious readers could be distracted by une ...

Mirror Image

For most of its length, Mirror Image is a workmanlike if unspectacular romance, with a healthy dose of mystery. It features elements familiar to any reader of romantic suspense: an everyday person who looks nearly identical to a well-known celebrity, a bad guy who is stalking that celebrity and fixa ...


Legacy is a contemporary romance with some suspense thrown in. The "legacy" is an unusual will that forces the hero and heroine of the novel to live and work together for a year. The characters and plot are pleasant enough, but also a little banal. Although the plot picks up a little toward the end ...