Books by Sophia James

The Cinderella Countess

The Cinderella Countess is the story of Annabelle Smith, a gifted healer and herbalist and Lytton Staines, the Earl of Thornton. I have a soft spot for Cinderella stories. When I read of Annabelle Smith’s piercing violet blue green golden eyes, I knew she was of aristocratic blood, even though she ...

Marriage Made in Shame

The second book in the author’s Penniless Lords series, Marriage Made in Shame started well. I liked the two leads, the romance, while somewhat predictable, was being well set up and I was almost three-quarters of the way through the book before I even noticed, which is always a good sign. But t ...

Masquerading Mistress

Sentence fragments. And one word sentences. Many. Many. One. Word. Sentences. If you think that was irritating, just imagine a whole book full of it. I picked up Masquerading Mistress because I'd never heard of the author, and I'd recently had good luck with a little-known H ...