Books by Stephanie Doyle

An Act of Persuasion

This story was an easy read and I liked it okay. However, the author begins the book showcasing the inequality in the hero and heroine’s relationship and over the course of the book, I had my doubts about both the heroine’s and hero’s transformation.         Ben Tyler has just ...

Suspect Lover

When I read the cover blurb for Suspect Lover, it sounded like a fascinating premise. Heroine marries hero after a whirlwind courtship. Things look idyllic - until hero's business partner dies and hero is the key suspect. The question then becomes, how well did our heroine know her husband anyway? ...

The Contestant

Stephanie Doyle's The Contestant is set against the backdrop of a reality TV show. Fittingly, the book itself is much like most reality shows: easily digested, sporadically entertaining, but also rather empty and unsatisfying. It gets off to a promising start. In the prologue, the author introduc ...